Practical training

Mar 14, 2017

Last month one of our consultants travelled abroad to provide trainings to extension servicers of a large milk processing company. Our consultancy branch is involved in a large development project for a local branch of this international milk processor. We are implementing vocational trainings for 60 local farm advisors, spread over 10 model farms. The trainings are organized on these model farms, which are selected by the processing company. Various topics of farm management are covered, such as breeding and fertility, cow signals, youngstock rearing and management, milking, milk hygiene and mastitis.

The trainings consist of classroom training combined with practical exercises and field trainings. Knowledge transfer forms an essential part in our consultancy activities and we think practical training is a great way to realize this transfer. The learning-by-doing approach is crucial and strongly promoted by our company. In our opinion this is a very effective method of training and it gives the trainees the opportunity of trying things out for themselves in real-life dairy settings. The learning-by-doing approach often also generates a high level of engagement of the students. The translation of theory into practice is often evaluated very positively. The picture below shows that field trainings are given and received with a lot of energy and pleasure!

Our consultancy company The Friesian organizes trainings as part of their consultancy activities. More frequently we organize trainings via Dairy Training Centre (DTC). We represent this practical training centre in a lot of countries world wide. DTC formerly known as PTC+ Oenkerk, conducts international training programs, alongside the implementation of training projects all over the world. Many students from all over the world are already trained, on and off site. For further information visit: