Partnership with Dairy Academy (of Royal A-Ware)

Dec 17, 2020

Since May 1st, 2020, Bles Dairies has further intensified the partnership with Dairy Academy (of Royal A-Ware), by sharing knowledge – acquired on Bles Dairies Farm and other farm management projects around the globe– with former Practical Training Centre Oenkerk, the Netherlands. By providing them with valuable advice, Bles Dairies is helping them optimize their business and reduce their cost price.

Improvements within the framework of the existing dairy farm
With a result-oriented approach for the implementation of the optimization plan – set up in close collaboration between Dairy Academy, the farm manager, and Bles Dairies – the goal for 2020 was to achieve improvements within the framework of the existing dairy farm. The focus was set on positively influencing the milk production in kg fat and protein per cow per day, feed efficiency and pregnancy rate. The optimization plan was subsequently converted into practical actions.

Cow comfort
One of the implemented changes is the fact that the heifers are now separated from the rest of the milking cows and have their own milking robot on a different location than the other two robots. This adjustment has led to more peace in the herd.

Feed efficiency
One of the goals is to produce more milk. This starts by optimizing the quality of their own forage production. Besides optimizing the forage production, both rations for the milking and dry cows have been optimized to support a better start after calfing as well as a better peak production.

Furthermore, our analysis has shown that the farm was experiencing fertility challenges among the cows. The insemination rate and timing were good, but the number of inseminations per pregnant cow was too high. Therefore, they now perform a weekly pregnancy check instead of a monthly check to optimize the fertility at the farm.

Bles Dairies offers its knowledge and experience globally to support dairy farms to be more profitable. If you are interested, please contact Jurjen Boerrigter via