Partnership Elections 2017

May 1, 2017

Rabobank and Bles Dairies are joining the Partnership Elections. Ten companies are battling to achieve the title of “Best New Partnership” and to realize a sustainable business-case. International challenges as water, nutrition and climate will be converted to business opportunities.

Team Rabobank introduced an idea for a better financing of the supply chain in the dairy-beef cow industry in emerging countries. More concretely: this can be carried out in Kenya with Bles Dairies.
The Rabobank will, in collaboration with Bles Dairies, enable dairy farmers and processors in Kenya to increase and improve their milk production. Team Rabobank will provide access to finance for smallholders with a value chain finance scheme. Bles Dairies will help farmers with training and advice to grow their production.
This marvelous idea to support dairy farmers in developing countries reflects Bles Dairies’ approach and vision perfectly. For a better milk production, containing high nutritional content to feed the world!

To win the title of “Best New Partnership” team Rabobank needs your vote! Until the 11th of May you can vote for our pitch. Surf to this link, watch our pitch down the page and give Rabobank and Bles Dairies the great opportunity to start up this new project!


Partnership Elections