One ‘Bles Dairies roof’

Oct 5, 2018

Managing Director Henk Bles sets forth his views about the future of Bles Dairies. In this article his vision on rebranding The Friesian Agro Consultancy.

We have a huge variety of valuable customers around the world. And the variety of our services is there to serve their needs.

Our Customers: You are a farmer, either small, medium or large scale. You are an investor, a dairy processor, a government institute or an NGO. When cooperating with Bles Dairies we have one common connection: dairy cows.
Our People: Bles Dairies’ people are connected with you through those cows, by supplying the livestock, genetics or consultancy.
Our Cows: Bles Dairies understands the cow. The cow in the world and the world of the cow.

I am sure that the need for Food Security and Food Safety and their importance grow every day all around the world and especially in emerging countries. We feel we are able to contribute in these needs. Our core business is developing or improving your dairy or the dairy sector no matter in which country. Our vision is to build up a strong and solid strategic partnership with you. This means a full-fledged service organized through our key account managers to run your dairy farm successfully, breed the best cows, supply more volume with better quality milk to the factory or to develop the dairy sector for your country.

Bles Dairies is continuously aiming for the best service in our knowledge transfer. Frequently our livestock or genetic customers are looking for advice or training and at the same time, our consultancy customers ask for know-how in genetics or livestock. Providing knowledge by our own professional consultancy department is key for the success to all of our customers.

Until now, this service went through our company The Friesian Agro Consultancy, since five years owned for 100% by Bles Dairies. Because of carrying the different names, often this service is not recognized or unclear to our livestock or genetic customers. Visa versa, our consultant customers are often not aware of our expertise in livestock and genetics. To have this expertise under one ‘Bles Dairies roof’ is a great value for all our customers. We prefer to work under one strong name and to be recognized by all of you, having clarity, transparency, and access for more knowledge in the entire dairy value chain. In line with our strategy, we therefore transferred the name of The Friesian Agro Consultancy in Bles Dairies Consultancy.

The variety of our services remains at your disposition. I believe in a holistic approach in the dairy farming sector, where all aspects of it are inextricably linked. As a strategic partner, with Bles Dairies as a whole, I think we will meet your needs. All around the cow, and anywhere in the world around the cow.

Henk Bles