New: Bles Dairies Farm movie

Jan 24, 2017

The past few months we worked hard on our newest company movie. It’s time to show the result!

The movie takes you on a grand tour at our own dairy farm. Bles Dairies Farm is a moderate sized farm in Broek, in the north of The Netherlands.
We focus on top farm management and excellent results, both technically as business economically.

At Bles Dairies Farm we can prove that Bles Dairies indeed has a great understanding of dairy farming. With our roots in dairy farming in the Netherlands, we practice high tech dairy farming with a clear milking vision. This milking vision means: the cow is central to all our thoughts and actions. We believe that healthy and happy cows produce healthy milk that contributes to the health of the population.
We could tell you much more about our farm, but we prefer you to watch the movie!

Watch our movie here: