International dairy expertise

Oct 5, 2018

An optimal functioning dairy sector, both in developed and developing countries, is vital to guarantee the quality of milk with high nutritional content to serve the world’s growing population. The increasing demand for sustainability in combination with a growing world population, requires effective solutions. Bles Dairies is your partner in the dairy value chain from feed to factory gate, with a never-ending focus on improving your livestock. Whether it concerns management, genetics, innovative technics, advise, training, supply of dairy cattle… etc. Bles Dairies provides solutions in all areas! Important in this is our vision: the cow is central to all our thoughts and actions. Bles Dairies truly unburdens your farm management.

Bles Dairies Farm Management Solutions in China

On large-scale dairy farms in China, Bles Dairies FMS is leading high-level management and provides supervision services. With an international team formed by several dairy professionals from all over the world, Bles Dairies not only aids with management, but also provides insights about genetic strategies. Last September, our Bles Dairies genetics expert examined productivity based on the feed ration analyses and the genetic herd profile of the cows. The visit had as aim to make long and short term recommendations on feed and breeding for this specific dairy farm.

Bles Dairies in Russia

In the past, Bles Dairies has been involved in buying and selling high qualified cows for several large-scale dairy farms in Russia. That history formed the basis for a partnership in terms of genetics: as official distributor of Semex in Russia, Bles Dairies has provided high quality bull semen, assistance with the improvement of cow fertility and support on reproduction related matters. We have now reached a point at which Bles Dairies FMS also offers management support and supervision services. This month, international expert Charles Perrotti, will visit the farmes to define focus areas for improvement in the management on these farms.

Medium to large-scale dairies in Africa

Bles Dairies is highly experienced in offering advice and assistance on projects in Africa. Whether it is during the start-up of a dairy farm or by taking over the management by introducing a farm manager, who can also educate other local managers, Bles Dairies always thinks and acts along with its partners, finding the best possible solutions. On top of that, Bles Dairies can also select and purchase dairy cattle for farmers and provide assisance on genetic strategies. Always in cooperation with the farmer, Bles Dairies aims to work towards a more sustainable herd.