Genetics in Africa

Dec 16, 2021

Bles Dairies has been active in consultancy activities in East Africa for several years. To service customers in East Africa from short distance and in every aspect of the dairy value chain, we established in 2016 Bles Dairies East Africa Ltd. Local presence of Bles Dairies in East Africa creates access for farmers to among others high quality Livestock and Genetics and enables them to raise the productivity and quality of their herd. In this way we intend to create a further boost to improving dairy business in (East) Africa.

Meet the team!
One of our activities is Genetics. Good quality genetics is the foundation for improved dairy performance and profitability. Bles Dairies East Africa provides genetics (including sexed semen), improvement of cow fertility, and support on reproduction related matters. We would like to introduce our Bles Dairies East Africa team members: Corné Kroon, Hillary Kiplagat and Judith Kalya. Together, they support dairy farmers improve the genetic potential of their herd. Next to supplying high- quality imported bull semen, they also provide mating advice, fertility coaching and ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis.

Hillary and Corné together with smallholder farmer Boniface, who is very happy with his first lactation Danshot daughter producing over 20 liters of milk.

Focus on medium to large scale dairy farms
While the team enjoys working with smallholders very much, the focus group are medium to large scale farms, ranging from 30 to 450 milking cows. Whatever your question might be, we have the expertise and the experience.

Judith Kalya