Farm Management Solutions: Large-scale dairies in Russia

May 31, 2018

In April, our Bles Dairies FMS experts visited a number of large-scale dairy farms in Russia to provide them with high-level management and supervision services. They made a tour through several regions in the country, had discussions with the farm specialists, analysed the farm management data and met with the leadership teams. During these meetings, main topics of discussion were the faced challenges and aimed targets. On completion of the visit, we provided the dairy farms with an expert report on the visit detailing any recommendations as appropriate for potential areas of improvement.

On one of the farms, for example, they had achieved relatively low conception rate of sexed semen. Therefore, the farm management and Bles Dairies FMS agreed to supervise a pilot of sexed semen for a period of 3 month. Every month the results shall be measured, reported and discussed, enabling FMS experts to act immediately in case necessary. A follow-up visit later this year has also been planned to discuss the pilot on site. Under the supervision of our experts, we are convinced the farm can improve their breeding results.

During their tour, the FMS experts recognized many interesting subjects of improvement, in genetics strategy, reproduction, feeding, animal health and cow comfort. Overall, the process of improving a large-scale dairy never ends, but small steps have already been made. By constantly supervising the farms, Bles Dairies FMS ensures the farms’ continuous technical improvement leading to better financial results.