Farm Improvement

Sep 19, 2018

We monitor medium as well as large scale dairy farms. This way, we assist them in maintaining or improving on both technical and financial results. Managing a dairy farm comprehends many aspects. We can support companies in every aspect involved.

Breeding and fertility

On a dairy farm, breeding and fertility touch the heart of the company. They directly influence the profitability of the dairy farm. Data concerning these items will therefore always be one of the basic indicators we use for monitoring the farm. Managing fertility in a herd of dairy cows is a specialism. It’s about maintaining a close balance, which can easily be disturbed. Well-thought breeding leads to herd improvement; better cows in terms of health, production and exterior. Bles Dairies Consultancy delivers specialists in fertility and breeding. With tailored and practical advice our specialists improve the fertility of the herd, no matter the size of the farm.

Dairy Monitoring

Managing a dairy farm you need instruments to keep on course and realise your targets and meet results. Bles Dairies dairy monitoring provides several possibilities to increase profitability of your dairy company.

One way of gaining more profit is reducing the costs. But how do you know where and how to interfere in your daily dairy farm operation? We have developed/specialised a methodology which enables us to make a detailed scan of the technical and financial performance of your dairy farm. The outcome of this scan presents how you can achieve a reduction of the costprice per hundred kilograms of milk. We ensure you that with the advice given, you can increase the profitability of your farm considerably. Of course Bles Dairies Consultancy gladly supports you on further farm improvement issues like milk quality and continuous milk management.

Feed and fodder is a key element in profitability. Not everywhere dairy farms have the possibility to feed the cattle mainly on pasture. Balance between the (available) feed and fodder, climate and other circumstances at your dairy farm(s) is of the utmost importance for milk production and profitability. Our experts can assist you in various ways regarding feed and fodder management:Specialized ration calculation for high and low productive dairy cows as well as beef cattle.

– Sampling/analyzing your roughage + advice for optimal use.
– Startup of harvesting equipment + instruction for making first silage.
– Short term/long term planning of necessary stocks of roughage and feed ingredients.
– Calculation of farm specific mixed feed and mineral mixes.
– Advice on construction of feed mills and least cost optimalisation of mixed feeds.
– Trouble shooting dairy health/production problems possibly related to feeding issues.

Obviously, in the dairy sector animal health is a key factor. Not only concerning food safety, but also related to the profitability of dairy companies. The Friesian offers various veterinary services to improve and/or maintain the health of the animals. For large scale dairy farms we execute quick scans to check the veterinary practises – as well as preventative as curative – on the farm. This results in a step-by-step plan for improvement. This will have a direct influence on the technical performances of the company.
We also organise practical training for veterinarians who are active on dairy farms. This training takes place in The Netherlands or in the country of origine. This depends on the situation and preferences of the client.
In case of a specific veterinary problem, it’s possible to send a Dutch veterinary specialist. This specialist works dedicated to solve the specific problem as soon as possible.

Farm Management Support

Managing a dairy farm is not an easy operation. Sometimes a helping hand, like farm management support, might be welcome to improve technical and/or financial results.

Bles Dairies offers farm management support in various ways. A farmmanager can take over daily management of the farm, for a short term or long(er) term. During this period the farmmanager takes for example care of practical day-to-day activities, improvement of the management structure, training of the staff, give advice on feeding and nutrition of be involved in the feed production.


Many different types of housing for cattle are available. What is the best type of housing for your company depends on your situation. Where is your farm (going to be) located? How is your company being run? We have a wide network and easy access to the important suppliers in the market of housing for cattle.

Other than that we have our own experiences and knowledge as Bles Dairies Consultancy. You can expect nothing less than a good independent advice about housing on your farm from us.

Young Stock Rearing

We are talking about the next generation here. Young stock rearing means rearing a next generation of productive and healthy milking cows requires good rearing management without growing too expensive. Young stock needs attention regarding feeding, housing and fertility.

Bles Dairies Consultancy supports in the set-up of young stock rearing in case of greenfield operations. But also in screening and consequently improving this aspect of dairy farming, in of course a sustainable way.