Excellent results at Bles Dairies Farm

Oct 17, 2017

Part of Bles Dairies is also our high tech dairy farm in Friesland, the Netherlands. Bles Dairies Farm is a moderate sized farm and it is unique in its high performance. It focusses on management and excellent results, both technically as financially.

The latest milk control results were very good. Some figures: the production per cow per day is now over 40 kg with 4.10% F and 3.66% P! Moreover, celcounts are 102.000. Important in this is to know that we focus on high margin over feed costs (MOFC). Ratios are good to know but to evaluate production, they can be a bit misleading. Margins are telling us much more! Bles Dairies Farm strives for high production figures (with high components and low SCC)  but even more for high margins! At the moment, margin over feed costs is > 68.5%. The operation is doing a great job of converting feed to milk.

In addition, the annual production overview (2016/2017)  for Bles Dairies Farm showed also excellent results! With our young herd of cows and second year in production we can be very proud to be within the 10% best performing dairy farms in the Netherlands. A great team effort thanks to our farm manager Cornelis, nutritionist Andries, veterinarian Dick and our genetic consultant Jan Aalberts.

Excellent results at Bles Dairies Farm Excellent results at Bles Dairies Farm