Dairy Training Mongolia

Nov 15, 2016

The Friesian as part of Bles Dairies is executing a training program for Mongolian farmers to support their daily practices and management decisions.

In this video you see the cows leaving their paddock for a grazing day. The temperature is -12°C, but for them still mild and suitable weather to maintain their 2 kg of milk per day. Pastoral grazing is still most common in Mongolia, which means that the cows are dry during the winter. Something the dairy factories would like to change.

There are some larger farms with more intensive dairy management, but the climate doesn’t allow high productive cows for the time being. Besides climate, there is another challenge in the Mongolian dairy sector: since most of the land is common property, crop improvement is in slow progress.

There is substantial room for improvement in the field of grazing and roughage. Besides training on feed, the project focuses on reproduction, milking, rearing young stock, farm management and animal welfare.