Dairy possibilities for East-European countries

Feb 28, 2023

According to data published in many (scientific) articles, both dairy cow herds and subsequent raw milk production have decreased in many East-European countries (from 2010 onwards). Annual milk consumption per capita has and will increase while the total annual milk production has decreased over a certain period of years. A solution is to reconstruct and re-develop the production segment. In most regions, the processing segment is present and ready to collect and process the ‘valuable white flow’ of quality milk.


Strategic objectives

Local authorities and Ministries have the aim to implement ‘strategic objectives’ with targets like: productivity & employment (with healthy and ‘potential’ herds), increase economy of scale of (commercial) dairy farms, improve value chain organization/cooperation via associations, groups and service suppliers and ensure sustainable management of resources. These targets also aim to improve the export-import ratio.


Investing in dairy to create a better and sustainable future

Another important reason and urge in updating and developing the dairy sector are touching upon food security, employment of skilled people and migration. Especially among the next ‘farming’ generation situated in the rural areas a lack of perspective in a professional dairy life and a decent family income urge young and energetic professionals to move to towns or even to move abroad and work in different (agro) sectors. Investing in dairy (agriculture) by modernizing its practice and implement new techniques (knowledge) – thus enabling a profitable dairy business – stimulates ‘future’ dairy farmers to stay and work in dairy business. Reforming  the sector, increase of milk production with healthy herds will contribute to create  a better and sustainable future for East European dairy farmers, a driver for economic growth and prosperity as well as a major contributor for the National food security and job creation.


Turning cost cows into cash cows

Bles Dairies has, since the ’90s, been involved in many East European countries, working with among others Ministries, NGOs as well as private dairy businesses (farms) and/or dairy service suppliers. Dairy farming is a mix of knowledge and skills that will improve dairy results and establish a valuable income for both farmers and the overall sector: “Turning cost cows into cash cows” is not easy and therefore Bles Dairies teams offer dairy services, training, backstopping and advice for those who are interested to establish and/or re-invest in the ‘Next level of dairy farming’!