Daily hands-on knowledge in Finland

Nov 22, 2018

Last month, Bles Dairies’ senior consultant Anne Terpstra visited Finland, providing several trainings to local dairy farmers. He held amongst others a training about managing sick and injured cows. Finnish dairy farmers are increasingly showing interest in daily hands-on knowledge, since veterinary costs are extremely high. Therefore, the farmers have expressed their wish to manage daily health-related treatments themselves.

Subsequently, during the Semex Client Days, Anne held a presentation about ‘the period from conception to milking heifer,’ which led to much discussion and interaction. A group of more than 120 dairy farmers attended the two-day event, for which Semex-expert Chantal Charette had especially flown in from Canada. She introduced the Canadian Classification System on several local dairy farms. Finnish dairy farmers are highly interested in finding out where they currently stand with their animals. Therefore, her presentation dealt in particular with the ‘how’ s and why’s’ of the classification of cows, heifers and calves. Furthermore, Anne visited two dairy farms, which have been working with Semex for many years. The farms have made great progress and will continue working on improving their herd.

Bles Dairies is your partner in working towards a well productive herd, with a high life production and as less problems as possible. We therefore emphasize the importance of such trainings and seminars, wherever in the world they are held.