Impact of Corona

Mar 26, 2020

The Impact of Corona
The enormous impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is overwhelming. One way or another, the outbreak reaches everyone, anywhere. Now we realize more than ever that globalization also has its downside. Taking care of each other and having trust in government policies, scientific research and healthcare institutes is now most essential. Therefore, I feel a deep respect for all the healthcare providers and I believe we should give them a great digital standing ovation.

Every country in the world is fighting its own battle against this unpredictable and invisible enemy. I am sure that we can win this battle, but what will be the social and economic impact?

Socially, I believe that in mature countries one will realize that wellbeing, in its traditional definition of health, is much more important than welfare i.e. prosperity. Whereas in emerging countries many can only hope for welfare and where wellbeing is often an issue. However, it is to be expected that a recalibration of our values takes place. With attention for those traditional definitions.

Economically, the crisis has already initiated the transformation into an economic and labour market shock, impacting not only supply (production of goods and services), but also demand (consumption and investment).

To overcome this crisis we should take care of ourselves, our loved ones and we should realize that together we are stronger. What is perhaps the most important factor, is to stay healthy. Healthy people have a significant higher resistance and immunity against diseases. Commitment is needed to a common approach with more personal attention for the healthy basics in life.

Role of healthy food
Recently, pediatrician Dr. Ellen van der Gaag carried out a PhD research about chronical common cold among children and the impact of nutrition. Proteins, vitamins, minerals and nutrients are essential for a healthy growth of children. She found out that children who eat regularly meat, green vegetables and full-fat dairy products are less receptive for diseases and better protected against viruses.

During this critical period caused by Covid-19 the world population becomes much more aware of the importance of eating healthy and safe food. I feel and hope that in line with the healthcare providers also farmers gain more respect. Farmers who work 24/7 to produce for all of us that healthy food, like milk.

This brings me to ask you to sympathize with all the farmers around the world. And to vitalize your immunity and stay healthy.

Henk Bles