Successful shipment of 1.150 heads of Holstein Friesian pregnant heifers

May 16, 2017

April was marked by the continuation and closure of one of our cattle shipment projects. Bles Dairies Livestock has been active in exporting high quality cattle since 1990. Altogether, we shipped over 1,150 head of Holstein Friesian pregnant heifers to the Middle East. Let’s have a look at this project and offer you a peek in a common export procedure.

By the end of February this assignment was definitive and the purchase of the cattle started. Several of our livestock purchase specialists travelled through the Netherlands and Germany to select cattle for our client. According to the bilateral veterinarian certificate for the Netherlands, the heifers need to be quarantined for a period of 28 days.

Cattle were loaded in the last week of April. After days of preparation, the animals were loaded onto several modern cattle cruisers. The animals purchased in Germany departed the same day from Germany. All animals were collected at the port collection center before loading. By boat they covered the last leg of the journey to their final destination in the Middle East.

One week after shipment we received great news from our client. All animals arrived safe and sound to their new home. Another successful assignment to mutual satisfaction!

Livestock shipment Livestock Shipment