Bringing your dairy farm management to the next level

Mar 1, 2023

With a keen eye on the future

Bringing your dairy farm management to the next level

Running a successful dairy farm is a special and challenging profession – versatile and sometimes unpredictable. As a dairy farmer (employees) you are often busy with the daily chorus and practical course of business. But what about the management of processes and people; how do you have your work organized for yourself and/or for your team?

Nowadays, more and more dairy farmers and farm workers experience insufficient grip on their work. Reasons for this may include:

  • work pressure too high;
  • insufficient communication or clarity on the structure & planning;
  • unclear objectives, work routines and/or procedures.


Time to get a better grip on labor and grow in efficiency?

Then we might have a suitable program or training for you, that can address the following topics:

  • How do I get more out of my farm management with less waste?
  • How do I keep my employees, my team involved and motivated?
  • Which tools can I use to get a better grip on work?
  • How do I create more structure and overview in my work?


Our approach

During an agreed period (4 -6 months), we will work together.

1. Identifying needs (objectives/pains);
2. Taking a critical look at current management activities (observing work routines);
3. Analyzing and discussing the findings (insight into possibilities);
4. Support with implementation (e.g., work protocols, planning, team sessions);
5. Support in achieving the objectives (coach and assist).


Interested and want to know more? Please let us know, Moyna would be happy to share and explain the possibilities.

Moyna Bierma

Moyna Bierma

Farm Management Coaching & Optimization
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