Bles Dairies supports Practical Farm ‘Oenkerk’ with cost price reduction

May 27, 2020

In the coming year, Bles Dairies will further intensify the partnership with Dairy Academy (of Royal A-Ware), by sharing its knowledge – acquired on Bles Dairies Farm and other farm management projects around the globe– with former Practical Training Centre Oenkerk, the Netherlands. By providing them with valuable advice, Bles Dairies will help them optimize their business and reduce their cost price. The cooperation has been entered into for a year and in the meantime Dairy Academy will share their practical experiences with their affiliated dairy farmers.

Coaching by Bles Dairies
Anneke Jorritsma, Manager Dairy Academy, says: “We are happy with the coaching role of Bles Dairies. With their extensive knowledge and experience, gained on their own dairy farm and on other dairy farms worldwide, we expect them to play a valuable role. We strive for the lowest possible cost price and Bles Dairies will work with us to achieve this goal.”

Outstanding results
Jurjen Boerrigter, Managing Director Bles Dairies, adds: “We have been providing dairy farmers with advice for years and we are very pleased to be able to do this for the Practical Farm Oenkerk as well. Bles Dairies Farm is unique because of its outstanding results, both technically and financially. We are convinced that with our experience and knowledge we can take the Dairy Academy to the next level. ”

Bles Dairies offers its knowledge and experience globally to support dairy farms to be more profitable. If you are interested, please contact Jurjen Boerrigter via