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Anne Terpstra

After having worked for 30 years as dairy trainer at a practical training centre, Anne works now as dairy trainer and reproduction and fertility specialist at Bles Dairies Consultancy. He is mainly concerned with the implementation of training courses, as part of the support and optimisation of dairy farms world wide. He provides courses on a wide range of dairy topics, such as hoof trimming and practical training courses on modern dairy farm management. However, fertility and reproduction are his key specialisms. Fertility needs a tailor-made approach, for the cow and the farmer.  Anne is the sparring partner for fertility for dairy farms word wide.

Martin de Jong

Being technical director at Bles Dairies Consultancy, Martin wonderfully combines his commercial abilities and his valuable network with hands-on professional expertise in dairy development gained in more than 40 countries world-wide. As all-round dairy sector development and milk quality (value chain) specialist he has, on behalf of donor & funding organisations and international companies,  been involved in many dairy projects world wide. In addition to his expertise in dairy farming and milk quality aspects he gained considerable experience in assessment, evaluation and development strategies of the dairy sector, formulating and implementing farmer development programs and milk sourcing schemes. After having worked for 30 years in this sector, this very able expert still works with the greatest devotion and passion to provide advisory services wherever dairy is being developed.

Rudie Brok

Mr. Rudie Brok is all-round dairy specialist at Bles Dairies Consultancy. He grew up on a dairy farm (260 cows and 130 ha) in the Netherlands and owns and operates with his family also dairy enterprises in New Zealand and the USA. As one of our associate experts he has been involved in many dairy projects in several countries worldwide for the last 10 years. His expertise lies with strategic, operational and financial aspects of dairy development. This includes (financial) business planning, (technical) feasibility studies, project management, farm- and household economics and livestock monitoring & development. His both practical as strategic experience make him a valuable team member.

Auke Cnossen

Mr. Auke Cnossen is business development manager and representative of Bles Dairies Asia. He is an experienced executive in the food & agribusiness sector and well established in the Asian dairy sector. As senior expert in dairy economics, financing and strategic advisory, he is currently advising large dairy corporates, medium sized dairy operations as well as greenfield dairy projects. This concerns advice on business plans and feasibility studies, capital raising and financing, business development, strategy and other M&A related opportunities. As business development manager of Bles Dairies in Asia Auke provides advice to large dairy multinationals as well as local dairy companies related to business development and planning, strategy, farm management and operational improvement.

Dirk Harting

Mr. Dirk Harting is Managing Director of Bles Dairies East Africa and part of our consultancy team. As agricultural project manager and consultant in dairy business operations he worked in the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. He has over ten years of management experience with large-scale dairy farming operations. He is also highly experienced in small-scale dairy development programs and projects in Asia, encompassing milk collection methodology, milk quality control systems, milk quality based payment systems and dairy husbandry extension. Moreover, he engages a lot  in preparing financial feasibility studies and writing business proposals of modern large-scale dairy farming, dairy processing operations and dairy fodder farming, including business organization and evaluation of financial projections.

Berend de Leeuw

Mr. Berend de Leeuw is veterinarian and food (milk) safety specialist at Bles Dairies Consultancy. Educated as a veterinarian he worked for five years as ambulant veterinary surgeon in the Netherlands and Ireland. In 2002 he started his international career as resident raw milk sourcing and quality expert for a baby food company in Northern China. Since then he has been involved in various raw milk development programs with the focus on small holder dairy farm development, raw milk quality improvement, Quality Based Milk Payment Scheme’s  and education of local staff and farmers. Besides his veterinary expertise, he gained extensive experience in assessment and evaluation of the dairy sector in more than 10 countries mainly in Asia and Africa. With his veterinarian and milk quality expertise he is a great addition to our Consultancy branch.

Wytze Heida

Mr. Wytze Heida is dairy development specialist at Bles Dairies Consultancy. He has more than 25 years experience in dairy development projects word wide. Last years he mostly engages in small-medium scale development in Africa and Asia, he is concerned with project and team management, advising, extension works and training. Through his numerous experiences abroad, he is highly interculturally competent and a real connector. This makes him skilled in social interactions and dairy knowledge transfer. Wytze believes that, besides healthy cows, people are a key factor in daily dairy development wherein Good Dairy Farming Practises (GDFP) are implemented with a business-wise (logical-) thinking approach. Therefore, he is fan of hands-on actions and activities and thinks improvement is best achieved through practice. “Learning by doing” and “seeing is believing” are his mottos!