Bles Dairies and Wageningen University & Research intensify their partnership

Jan 23, 2018

The company Bles Dairies, today a well-established player in the international dairy chain, and Wageningen University & Research (WUR), known worldwide as leading agricultural academic institution, have plans to intensify their partnership. Both parties have a large track record in the international dairy sector and regularly cooperate in projects where both nowledge at academic level and practical skills are required.

It is more and more recognised that both parties complement each other well. Now is the time to further intensify their cooperation. Capacity building and transfer of knowledge are important aspects in the development of the dairy sector worldwide. Bles Dairies and WUR, with its dairy research and innovation centre “Dairy Campus” in Leeuwarden, will provide a new dimension to learning in practice (learning by doing). For educational establishments, companies and other interested parties in The Netherlands as well as internationally, they will  to come up with a new face to serve the enormous needs for practical and innovative trainings in the dairy sector. Both Bles Dairies and WUR will prioritize this development during the coming weeks. As soon as we have arranged the organization and brand for this new service in practical learning or dairy training, you will be informed immediately. In the meantime Bles Dairies remains at your disposition for any questions about actual projects or requests for practical training.

We look forward to continue the cooperation with you and contribute in the development of a sustainable dairy production around the world.






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