April proofs: great outcomes for subsidiary Semex

May 16, 2017

Bles Dairies Genetics is specialized in improvement of a herd’s genetic potential and in the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and Denmark it is Semex’s distributor. Every 4 months the Canadian bull proofs take place to recalculate the estimated genetic predisposition of the bulls for particular characteristics. April proofs brought good news for Bles Dairies’ subsidiary company Semex. In short we present some of the highlights.

For the first time in a long time Semex claimed a number one listing!  The new number 1 LPI sire is the highly anticipated Comestar Lautrust, carrying the Immunity+™ status as well as Calving Ease™, A2A2, high fertility Repromax™ and HealthSmart™. Also number 2 LPI is for Semex: Val Bisson Doorman, now with 2600 daughters in the breeding value and still with a very high conformation. The conformation ranking is dominated by Semex (top 5 = Semex) with the conformation proven sire Croteau Lesperron UNIX as leader.
Genomax™ sires are an undeniable force, including the number 1 GTPI sire Progenesis Fabulous. In Canada, Semex has four of the top five GLPI sires, including the number 1 GLPI sire, Progenesis Midnight. Genomax™ sires are also topping the North American type charts. Doorman, Nominee, Munition, Sympatico, Uno, Meridian, President and Bombero are all doing very well at the American TPI list.

Semex continues to deliver great outcomes to its clients worldwide. At Bles Dairies and Semex we believe that genetics form the core of a productive, sustainable and healthy herd. Through Bles Dairies Genetics and Semex we continuously work together with dairy farmers on the improvement of a herd’s genetic potential, to improve dairy farm performance and operating efficiency!

Unix daughter

Heatherick Unix Venus