Agriculture contracting services in Kenya by Nundoroto in partnership with Bles Dairies East Africa

May 26, 2020

The partnership between Bles Dairies East Africa and Nundoroto continues to strengthen its business operations in agriculture contracting services. In 2020, Bles Dairies EA incorporated services of Inputs & Supplies e.g. supply of seeds and fertilizer & crop protection, complementary to the agricultural activities.

Total Solution Services
The unique combination of services from both partners is branded as “Total Solution Services” and encompasses services from land preparation to the production of milk. Part of these services include a distributorship agreement with Pannar Seeds, the supplier of improved varieties maize seeds and partner of Corteva™ Agriscience. Via this partnership, we provide support and advise to farmers on growing their maize crop with optimal results, having this well ensilaged as dairy feed. The sector appreciates our services, reaching over 200 medium and large-scale farms. Over the last year, the total acreages serviced increased twofold to well over 4,000 acres.


Professional Farming Practices
Thanks to the progressive development of the Kenyan dairy sector, we see more farmers adopting professional farming practices, aiming to increase the production level and reduce the cost price. We notice an increasing interest from medium and large-scale dairy farmers in maize silage. In addition, we see interest from dairy cooperatives looking into the possibilities for supplying their members with good quality maize silage.

Maize & Grass Silage
Since maize silage is becoming an increasingly important ingredient in the dairy feed ration and since it requires high tech and expensive equipment, Nundoroto is continuously expanding its service model and capacity to serve farmers in their demand to obtain, not only good quality dairy maize silage, but also to maintain a good crop! The latest agriculture contracting service for farmers is having their farm manure used as fertilizer on their maize land by means of spreading liquid manure.
In addition to maize silage, we also endeavour dairy farmers to use grass silage, which has proven to be an excellent source of protein, replacing an essential part from the more expensive dairy meal. Nundoroto is equipped to harvest & ensilage grass and we expect more contracting services in this field as from 2020.
Currently Nundoroto is gearing up its organization and planning towards the maize harvest season of 2020, which looks promising with Kitale being ready in July.

Kitale May 2020: Survey in preparation of harvest season 2020, looking promising!

Click here for a short movie: Maize silage operations Kitale Sept. 2019

Nundoroto, located at Plateau just South of Eldoret town, was established in 2010 and has grown into the leading agricultural contracting company in Kenya, offering contracting services from land preparation to harvesting of which chopping maize and ensilaging this for dairy feed is its specialty!

For any question and/or enquiries, please contact:
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