Advisory services in Azerbaijan

Jun 6, 2017

Our specialist Ben brought a visit to a large scale farm in Azerbaijan.  In 2012/2013 this farm was set up as part of a turn key project realized by our consultancy branch The Friesian. The project included a feasibility study, design, construction and management of a full year dairy farm. The experts of The Friesian managed the project from the end of the construction phase until the farm was ready and in operation. The Friesian also delivered trainings of the farm staff for fertility, hoof trimming, milking and feeding as well as organization of harvest. At the end of 2013, the farm was fully operated by the local staff.

Over the past several years our consultancy division maintained contact with the farm for assistance and advisory services. Two years ago for example, our specialist Ben provided feed ration advice. Also last month the aid of our involved specialist was requested. The farm experienced manure problems and sought assistance in the company’s expansion.

The photo below shows the Dutch heifers that Bles Dairies exported to this farm in Azerbaijan in 2012.