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Titus Maiyo

Titus Maiyo is the salesman of the company, being responsible for the organization of all trading and marketing events concerning livestock and genetics. Titus is specialized in Animal Production and has the ability to understand and communicate with farmers about their needs and the challenges they face in dairy farming. In addition to the trade, Titus also assists farmers with aid and advises dairy farmers with their farming operations, such as calf rearing and fertility management.

“Trade with aid” is his motto.

Judith Kayla

Judith Kayla is financial administrator for Bles Dairies East Africa. Besides finance, she is also responsible for human recourses and procurement. This makes her a great and valuable team member. Judith is very dedicated in administration and keeps accurate book keeping of all events that are organized by Bles Dairies East Africa, such as sales of bull semen to dairy farmers, organizing trainings, field days and workshops.

“Determination and hard work” is her motto.

Charity Kurui

Charity Kurui is specialized in general dairy farming management consultancy and is the company’s junior dairy advisor, being responsible for assisting clients with their farming operations. Charity is educated as an Agricultural economist with farm management as specialization. She grew up on a small-scale dairy farm, which was among the first farms in Kenya to adopt Zero Grazing. Charity is familiar and experienced with the day to day farming operations, which makes her a good dairy advisor. Charity has been involved in dairy advisory activities since the start of the company’s operations in 2016. Her skills in calf rearing, feeding, nutrition, silage and cow comfort make her valuable to the team.

“Making your hands dirty is the first step in learning” is her motto.