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Following our desire of establishing a local presence in emerging markets, we established Bles Dairies Asia.

Bles Dairies has been an active player in the Asian market for over 20 years. Asia represents a consumer market that has shown considerable growth in dairy consumption. Given the size of the market, Asia’s young population, and the competitive nature of Asian societies, the demand for good quality milk with high nutritional content increases. On the back of this, a local dairy farming sector has developed in many countries in Asia. And of course, Bles Dairies plays an important role wherever dairy farming is being developed worldwide. Through our local presence, we can serve our clients in Asia more directly with local expertise. We hold a ‘bullish’ view regarding the further development of the dairy sector in Asia and we see good opportunities and possibilities to offer our products and services on the Asian continent.







In line with our activities in other parts of the world, we are active across the entire dairy value chain in Asia. Bles Dairies Asia, headquartered out of Hong Kong, provides a wide range of dairy products and services in the Asia-Pacific region: Consultancy, Livestock and Genetics. However, the main focus will be on the provision of advisory services.

For example, Bles Dairies can help your dairy operation in:
– Reducing your cost price
– Monitoring your farm’s operational performance
– Improvement of the quality of your milk
– Take your milk production volume to the next level
– Reduce your bio security and food safety risk
– Manage your farms on an interim or permanent basis
– Solve your farm’s animal waste problems
– Develop your business plan and assess your strategy

Whatever your problem may be, Bles Dairies has the expertise and the experience. We have supported small holder dairy farms, medium and large commercial farming operations and mega dairies with over 10,000 cows.

To provide examples of what we can do for you: our services include feasibility studies, farm improvement, training, interim farm management, feasibility studies, business planning, advising on all food safety, bio-security and sustainability topics, raw milk sourcing strategies, turnkey projects, matchmaking and much more.

Whether you are a local government, an NGO, a farmer, a multinational, an investor, or a dairy processor, you have come to the right place. From nutrition to raw milk sourcing and from reproduction to farm management, Bles Dairies applies its wide experience to address your needs.

E: info@bles-dairies.nl